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close this bookThe Yorba Legacy
by James V. Granitto, Mary Ruth Erickson, Shakunthala S. Rajan,
Yorba Linda Public Library
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Facts About Yorba Linda

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Location: Yorba Linda is located in northeast Orange County, twenty-five miles southeast of Los Angeles and eighteen miles from the Pacific Ocean. It is also eight miles from Anaheim Stadium, ten miles from Disneyland, and twelve miles from Knott's Berry Farm.

Incorporated: November 2, 1967

Type of Government: Yorba Linda is a general law city, and operates under the council-manager form of government. The city council consists of five members and selects council members each year to serve as mayor and vice mayor. Members of the council are elected for four years.

Population: 62,000 (2000 estimate)

Area: Twenty square miles (2000 estimate)

Elevation: 300 to 1,400 feet above sea level.

Average Yearly Rainfall: 11.40 inches

Average Low Temperature: Fifty-two degrees

Average High Temperature: Seventy-three degrees

City Motto: Land of Gracious Living

City Flower: Rose

City Tree: Fuerte Avocado

City Web Site: www.ci.yorba-linda.ca.us [49]

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