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by James V. Granitto, Mary Ruth Erickson, Shakunthala S. Rajan,
Yorba Linda Public Library
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Chapter 8 - Important Dates in Yorba Linda's History

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1746 José Antonio Yorba was born in San Sadurni de Noya, Spain.

1769 July. The Gaspar do Portolá Expedition explored the area we now call Orange County.

José Antonio Yorba was a member of this expedition.

1801 August 4. Bernardo Yorba, the son of José Antonio Yorba, was born in San Diego.

1810 July. José Antonio Yorba and his nephew, Juan Pablo Peralta, received from the King of Spain about 62,500 acres called Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana.

1825 January 16. José Antonio Yorba died.

1834 August 1. Bernardo Yorba received from the Mexican Government a land grant of 13,328½ acres, known as Rancho Cañon de Santa Ana.

1835 Bernardo Yorba built his adobe home, the Rancho San Antonio.

1850 September 9. California became the thirty-first state to enter the union. [43]

1858 November 20. Bernardo Yorba died.

1889 March 11. The County of Orange was created. Orange County's population was about 19,000.

1902 The Anaheim Union Water Company completed work on Yorba Reservoir. It was drained in 1969, and is now called the “Yorba Linda Lakebed.”

1908 The Janss Investment Company bought from Jacob Stern part of the land that made up the Rancho Cañon de Santa Ana. They named the area “Yorba Linda” and began selling it by the acre in 1909.

1909 December 6. The Articles of Incorporation of the Yorba Linda Water Company were filed.

1910 The first orange and lemon trees were planted in Yorba Linda.

Jessmyn West, who grew up to be a famous author, moved to Yorba Linda with her parents. She was eight years old.

1911 Yorba Linda's population was about thirty-five.

The Yorba Linda Water Company built two reservoirs.

The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company installed telephone service in Yorba Linda.

1912 August 12. Yorba Linda's first post office was established.

The Yorba Linda Citrus Association was organized.

The Southern California Edison Company installed electric service in Yorba Linda. [44]

The Pacific Electric Railway Company finished building a depot.

Yorba Linda's first church, the Yorba Linda Friends Church, was built.

1913 January 9. Richard M. Nixon was born in Yorba Linda.

February 10. The Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce was organized.

May 2. The Yorba Linda Library opened. It was located in a room in the Yorba Linda School, which was located on School Street.

Yorba Linda's first Fuerte avocado trees were planted by John Whedon.

1914 March 3. The Yorba Linda Library District was established.

1916 Troop 99, the first Boy Scout troop in Orange County, was organized in Yorba Linda.

Susanna Bixby Bryant Ranch House was built.

1917 Yorba Linda's first road was paved. It was Yorba Linda Boulevard.

The Yorba Linda Star began printing.

1920 Yorba Linda's population was about 350.

1927 Bernardo Yorba's adobe house was torn down.

1929 June 29. The Yorba Linda Citrus Association's wood-framed packinghouse was destroyed by fire.

1930 May 3. The Yorba Linda Citrus Association's packing house, located at 18200 Yorba Linda Boulevard, reopened.

1953 January 20. Richard M. Nixon was inaugurated as the thirty-sixth vice president of the United States. [45]

1959 January 2. The Yorba Linda County Water District, which replaced the Yorba Linda Water Company, was formed.

1960 Yorba Linda's population was 1,198 (1960 U.S. Census)

1967 November 2. Yorba Linda incorporated. Yorba Linda's population was 11,433.

1968 October 26. Yorba Linda's first Fiesta Days' parade was held.

1969 January 20. Richard M. Nixon was inaugurated as the thirty-seventh president of the United States.

1974 August 9. Richard M. Nixon was inaugurated as the thirty-seventh president of the United States.

1980 Yorba Linda's population was 28,254 (1980 U.S. Census).

1985 July 1. The Yorba Linda Library District merged with the city of Yorba Linda.

1990 July 19. Opening of the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace.

Yorba Linda's population was 52,422 (1990 U.S. Census).

1993 June 22. Patricia Nixon died.

1994 April 22. Richard M. Nixon died.

1997 November 15. Dedication of the Susanna Bixby Bryant Ranch Museum and Botanic Garden.

2000 Yorba Linda's population is 62,000 (Department of Finance estimate). [46]

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