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close this bookRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Collection
View the documentBotanic Garden and Herbarium Being Created in Santa Ana Canyon
Yorba Linda Star April 5 1929 page 1
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The California Citrograph June 1933
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Yorba Linda Star April 20 1934 page 1
View the documentPasture Fire on Bryant Ranch Burns 9 Hours, 160 Acres
Yorba Linda Star June 17 1938 page 1
View the documentRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Developing into Institution for Serious Scientific Research
Yorba Linda Star April 28 1939 page 5
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Yorba Linda Star May 5 1939 page 1
View the documentBig Grass Fire Covers 400 Acres of Bryant Ranch
Yorba Linda Star September 20 1940 page 1
View the documentFire Sweeps S.A. Canyon and Hills; North Edge Y.L. Singed
Yorba Linda Star November 12 1943
View the documentA Short History of the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
by Philip A. Munz,
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden of the Native Plants of California May 1947
View the documentRancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens to be Open to Public
Yorba Linda Star March 26 1948 page 1
View the documentBotanical Garden Opens to Public
Yorba Linda Star March 25 1949 page 1
View the documentBotanic Garden to Open to Visitors
Yorba Linda Star March 17 1950 page 1
View the documentBryant Ranch Tentative Tract Map Approved Following Council Discussion on Area Roads
Yorba Linda Star October 7 1978 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star March 23 1979 page 3
View the documentHistoric Home Subject of City Excursion
Yorba Linda Star February 29 1984 page 1
View the documentBryant Ranch Property: A Look at Its Past
Yorba Linda Star March 7 1984 page 3
View the documentSusanna Bryant Leaves Botanic Legacy
Yorba Linda Star March 14 1984 page 6
View the documentBryant Ranch Project Enters First Phase
Yorba Linda Star January 30 1985 page 5
View the documentBryant Ranch Slated to be Museum
Yorba Linda Star January 7 1987 page 1
View the documentYorba Ranch Building to be Salvaged
Yorba Linda Star February 4 1987 page 1
View the documentBryant Ranch House Museum Opens
Yorba Linda Star February 26 1988 page 3
View the documentRanch House has a History
Yorba Linda Star December 14 1995 page 8
View the documentBryant Ranch House to Vie for National Registry
Yorba Linda Star October 17 1996 page 1

Big Grass Fire Covers 400 Acres of Bryant Ranch

Yorba Linda Star September 20 1940 page 1   Open this page in a new window

Between 400 and 500 acres of range land and watershed on Mrs. Susan Bixby Bryant's Rancho Santa Ana were burned over by a fire about noon Friday about a quarter of a mile inside the entrance gate at Horseshoe Bend and raced eastward towards the great ranch house and widely known botanical gardens. Not until 9 o'clock that night was the fire under control and inside the control lines there was enough fire to keep out a patrol until the following Sunday noon. To ensure safety of the ranch house and gardens the firemen resorted to extensive back-firing.

Two State Forest Service trucks at the Yorba Linda station were the first to respond to an alarm. They were followed by trucks from Orange, Trabuco, San Juan Capistrano and Riverside county. The Santa Fe railway company sent a crew of 15 men to join the battle against the flames, the Irvine Company forwarded 20 more and a force of 50 turned out from the Rancho itself. In addition there were many volunteers from the vicinity.

The fire was not checked until it had burned to a point northeast of the ranch house, but at no point was the fire line nearer than a half a mile to the house and the famous gardens.

As nearly as the firemen could determine the fire originated in close proximity to the railway tracks, but they said they had no other evidence as to how it started.

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