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View the documentHistoric Yorba
by Amelia Davila,
Amelia Davila, the daughter of Andrea Elisalde (third wife of Bernardo Yorba), wrote this article which appeared in the Santa ana Weekly Blade on June 1, 1893.
View the documentMarch of progress tramples down remains of noted Yorba hacienda
by Florence Summers,
Essay written in 1926 by Florence Summers about Bernardo Yorba's hacienda.
View the documentThe Yorba Family Cemetery: California's Oldest
by Marie E. Northrop,
This essay, authored by Marie E. Northrop, was originally published in the June 1969 edition of the National Geneaological Society Quarterly. It contains a compilation of known burials in the Yorba Cemetery. Reprinted by permission of the National Geneaological Society.

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