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Will of the Class of 1915, Yorba Linda, Cal

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WE, the undersigned Members of the Eighth Grade, being in good health and of sound minds, sometimes, do in this, one of our sane moments, hereby jointly and severally will to our successors, the Seventh Grade of the Yorba Linda School, situated in the city of Yorba Linda, County of Orange, State of California, all our valuable prestige as a class, as is severally described hereinafter, to-wit:

To the class as a whole, our seats as long as they are kept in a neat and careful manner and be it known that they are to revert to their heirs, should they so demean themselves as to forfeit their rights thereto, or by studying so hard as to pass into the great goal of future bliss, the Fullerton Union High School. We furthermore reserve the right to return when we are old and wrinkled and gray and sit in them and dream of the happy hours we wasted an of how we would improve them if we had another chance.

Furthermore, we bequeath the keeping of the honor of the school which we have produced and charge them to keep it bright under penalty of being ostracized from the society of the High School class.

We furthermore bequeath the use of the playground to them without reserve to boss, and enjoy as we have done.

We do will to them the following good advice—Stop using powder and paint, and to cease to be vain and settle down to hard work so that they may be able to meet us, as prosperous men or happy wives, in the future.

We also bequeath the privilege of buying all the candy we leave in the store after the bus leaves for High School, but recommend that they buy suckers.

Our official fly catcher, Alfred Knight, will, bequeaths, and further, and individually demises to Mr. Louis Vetter, all the numerous enormous and venomous flies and advises him to obtain a snake, a toad, and two lizards for each room to be turned loose at 3:30 P.M. and captured at 8:30 A.M., Saturday and Sunday excepted.

Miss Ruth McDavid will to Miss Marjorie Hileman, the position as pitcher of the Girls Ball Team, and leaves the championship belt in trust in the hands of Mr. John Bertram until she has proved her ability to keep the title.

Mr. Walter Prather will to Mr. John Buckmaster, the old hitching place at the telephone pole near the school house.

Miss Helen Holloway bequeaths the following valuable drawing to Grace Grubbs, provided she agrees not to sell any of them for less than $500.00 each.

Miss Bernice Pike does hereby will to Viola Bemis all her worn out erasers, full copy books, and broken crayolas to help her on her way next year.

Miss Ruth McDavid does personally and individually will all her red crayolas to Marjorie Hileman and a curl to each of the boys in the Seventh Grade.

Miss Louise Holloway does graciously and of her own free will, without any coercion, give away to all who care for them, her winsome smiles.

Mr. Harold Van Patten bequeaths his old shoes to any one, who can fill them.

Miss Nettie Mozier bequeaths to Eva Madsen, her slightly used chewing gum, and apple cores. Eva will know where to find them as they will be left in a similar place to where she leaves her own.

Miss Jessamyn West will to Marie Hammon the position of champion reader of the Public Library.

BE IT FURTHERMORE understood and expressed that any one trying to break this will and last testament is to forfeit any of the benefits included therein.

In witness whereof we have set our hand and seals this 4th day of June, 1915.


Louis Holloway

Helen Holloway

Nettie Mozier

Alfred Knight

Bernice Pike

Ruth McDavid

Jessamyn West

Harold Van Patten

Walter Prather

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