Letter from Richard Nixon


Richard Nixon
577 Chestnut Ridge Road
Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

Mary 16, 1989

Dear Miss Tassios:

It was very interesting to learn from your letter of April 14th that the Yorba Linda Public Library was “born” in 1913, the year of my birth. I am delighted to join with other friends of the library in extending my congratulations on its 75th anniversary.

Incidentally, since you are the library director I thought you might be interested to know that we have something in common. In order to supplement my scholarship which only covered tuition at the Duke University Law School in the 1930s, I worked as an assistant to Miss Covington, our outstanding law school librarian. Whenever your responsibilities seem frustrating, you should always remember that there is no institution that is more important in a city than its library.

I am looking forward to reading “The Yorba Legacy, A Child's History of Yorba Linda.” From my cursory examination, I have already found a number of facts about the town in which I was born that I was not aware of.

With warm regards,


Richard Nixon

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