Pink Lady fails to show

by Renee Wallace,
Yorba Linda Star June 23 1988 page 4   

The anniversary of the alleged biennial visit of the Pink Lady in the historic Yorba Cemetery came and went without any reported sightings of the phantom.

The ghost story, based on the death of Alvina De Los Reyes, has withstood time and various retellings, each adding a bit more information to the tale.

According to the legend, De Los Reyes and her husband were traveling Esperanza Road in the early morning hours on June 15 during the Great Depression. They were returning from a dance at Valencia High School and De Los Reyes was wearing a pink gown.

She was thrown from the coach hired for the evening and died.

She was buried in the Yorba Cemetery, one of the oldest in California.

De Los Reyes, in the form of a pink haze, believers claim, raises from her grave on June 15 of even-numbered years to look over the graves of her family members.

In past years, up to 300 people have waited at the cemetery at the appointed hour to try to catch a glimpse of the spector.

This year only two people visited the site at the traditional time, according to Mike Meniachi, the Orange County park ranger who oversees the site.

Meniachi was one of the people and a friend of his was the other.

Meniachi has worked at Yorba for three years and said he has never seen the Pink Lady.

However, the following night about a dozen folks waited and the gates of the cemetery, only to be told by Meniachi they had missed the date.

Meniachi said the cemetery has been locked for three years because of an increasing number of vandalism cases.

To arrange for a tour of the historic site, residents may call 637-6950.


Locked up: The gates of the Yorba Cemetery have been locked for three years to keep out vandals, who had been taking a toll on the historic site. Tours of the graveyard can be arranged by calling 637-6950.

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